"I think you are marvelous...what is it you do again?"    Mom

"Wow! Thanks so much David. This is truly, to use a now overused word, awesome. Your support and wisdom have touched me deeply and help me have faith."
with love,

"Your Energy and especially Your Integrity behind Your Words is a Soul Home~coming ~*~

Thank You very much for sharing Your Gift of Insight and Inspiring Us All to align to One's own!"

Infinite Blessings,


"I want to let you know how much our daughter enjoyed ALL the information you
gave her as it relates to her chart and her life. She is quite an
intellectual and I had my private doubts about how she would receive her
reading. She is absolutely shocked that her chart is so accurate and she
said the way you explain it to her David, makes so much sense. She has a new
acceptance of who she is and feels that no one has ever been able to put
into words or explain why she feels the way she does. Thank you for your
sensitivity and your knowledge in preparing this wonderful gift for her!!
Immediately  after she listened to her CD she texted me to say "the chart is
crazy...incredibly accurate!

"Please thank David for the reading he did for me at the end of March. It's been helpful in more ways than I can describe."

"Thank you so much David. It was truly an enlightening experience for me. :)"

    Hello! My name is Gillian. You did my reading for my birthday.
Before I listened to it, I was unsure about myself, and if I was, well with
lack of better words, correct :). This CD brought me back to earth. I have
been going through the normal middle school drama, and craziness, but this
allowed me to take a step back, and like you said on the CD, "survey the
village from the hill top" while I was listening, it brought me to tears. I
do not know if this is normal, or expected, but it touched me. I do not know
why, or how to explain it, but it really did. I would just like to thank
you. With all my heart, thank you. You opened my eyes in a way no one else
ever has.  You brought a stable reminder of myself to this unstable and
crazy ride called life.
With all the love, and thanks in the world, Gillian

"Wanted to let you know that we received the readings and so appreciate your
insights, thoroughness, and grand ability to shed the right light in the
right places." Karolynn

Brilliantly put, David. I would not know how to articulate all that needs to be said, and your clarity is a gift to us all. I feel the truth of your vision in my being and it will help me stay focused. 

Thank you! - Madelyn