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"I believe the entire universe is in a giant conspiracy for our well being if we can only listen to its promptings. All of my services and publications are aimed at helping you find this subtle guidance."

The Week at a glance

Astrological Influences for the week ahead May 13the –May 19th

Monday: The Moon is in Virgo today and in harmony with Mercury and Saturn, giving greater ability to focus on tasks and bring things through to completion.

The Sun is also in harmony with Pluto, aiding the ability to see things at a deeper level. The Moon will be opposite Neptune this evening, fueling the desire to escape worldly pressures, perhaps by watching a movie, reading, or some soul nurturing activity. 

Tuesday: The Moon starts the day in Virgo in harmony with both the Sun and Pluto, enhancing the ability to stay focused and productive. Tension builds in the late morning with the Moon squaring Mars, but with Venus in harmony with Mars and the Moon moving into Libra this afternoon, the spirit of cooperation should prevail. 

Wednesday: The Moon stays in cooperative Libra today, enhancing relationships of all types. There is a shift in the air, with both Venus moving into Taurus and Mars moving into Cancer—both enhancing the desire to slow down and embrace the personal side of life. Creativity and entertainment are favored in the evening with Mercury in harmony with Neptune.

Thursday: This could be a rather complex day for the emotions, but clarity of the mind can prevail. The Moon is moving from Libra to Scorpio this afternoon, and just before it does, it squares the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, creating pressure and worries. Mercury is in a harmonious trine with Saturn bringing clarity and steadiness to the mind—try not to make emotional based decisions today, wait for clarity of the mind to return before acting.

Friday: The Moon is in passionate, private Scorpio today, favoring deep, one-to-one encounters and all financial matters. Mercury is also in harmony with Pluto, adding depth of concentration and focus. This is a great day for studying, learning, taking communications to a deeper level, or diving into the mysterious.

Saturday: There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio rising this evening and Venus conjunct Uranus as well—a feeling of excitement, and even a touch of wildness, will be in the air. This Full Moon brings out all that has been tucked away and pushed down. The Moon moves into adventuristic Sagittarius later in the night, fueling the attitude of “hey, the party is just beginning.” This could be a late night. 

Sunday: The Moon is in expansive, fun-loving Sagittarius and with no major aspects occurring throughout the day, this could be a good day to get out and explore, adventure and do something because you “get to”, rather than “have to.” 

May the stars be with you!

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