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The Week at a glance

Astrological Influences for the week ahead, July, 15th-21st

The week at a glance: Time seems to be folding backward on itself this week with Mercury retrograde and the Lunar eclipse on Tuesday. Memories from the past can come up with vivid realism—it is a good time to be with the awakened memories and their attendant emotions, mull them over, add new insights, and then release them. The past can be healed. Release and let go of outgrown behavior patterns and lifestyle choices that no longer serve you. Mercury stays retrograde all week with the guidance being to complete what has already been set in motion, and to be cautious about acting on new ideas born during the retrograde period. The standard advice of backing up computers, double checking appointment times, as well as reconsidering all plans before acting, always applies during Mercury retrograde periods.

The chart for the Lunar Eclipse below reveals the intensity of this oppositional period we are in between the personal emotional needs of Cancer and worldly responsibilities and pressures of Capricorn. The red lines between the planets at the top and bottom of the chart graphically reveal these stressful oppositions.

Monday: The Moon starts the week off in task oriented Capricorn, enhancing the spirit of throwing yourself into your work. The Moon is also in harmony to innovative Uranus giving access to intuition to assist you in problem solving. There is a distracting quincunx to Mars, which can pull your attention into old tape loops that go nowhere and just drain energy. If you notice yourself going circular on some annoyance, realize the absolute futility of this and let it go. Later tonight there will be an opposition to Venus in Cancer awakening the desire to snuggle with your sweetie, a kitty, or a bowl of ice-cream. 

Tuesday: The Moon in Capricorn visits Saturn and Pluto through the day chaining you to duties and responsibilities before the Lunar Eclipse at 2:38 PM PDT. Emotionally laden memories can surface to be processed, understood in a new light and let go of with the cosmic eraser eclipse energy. Venus opposite Saturn later tonight reemphasizes the Cancer-Capricorn polarity in the heavens and the need to define boundaries by recognizing how much sacrificing of personal emotional needs for worldly responsibilities and pressure from others is too much.

Wednesday: A rebellious mood is in the air as the Moon moves into freedom loving Aquarius this morning, but has a series of challenging aspects throughout the day to Mercury, Uranus and Mars. Heads up: to avoid being aggravated by others, try not to outsource your reasons for frustrations or well-being.

Thursday: This is an astrological yummy day, a welcome respite amidst the challenging aspects this week. The Moon is in altruistic Aquarius and in harmony to optimistic, expansive Jupiter, fueling a positive feeling of hope. Love and beauty are amplified with Venus in harmony with Neptune, giving the opportunity to decompress and drink in beauty as nectar from the spiritual realm.

Friday: This day is better suited for mulling things over rather than looking for answers. Mercury retrogrades back into emotionally sensitive Cancer and the Moon moves into watery, emotional Pisces this afternoon. The Moon’s only aspects are two crazy making quincunxes, adding to the quizzical nature of the day—again better to be with questions rather than to seek their resolution. 

Saturday: In perfect timing for the weekend, the Moon is in escapist oriented Pisces and in harmony with innovative Uranus—it shouldn’t be too hard to cook up some unique outing or experience to get away from it all. Old tape loops about anger can present themselves, and if you can avoid these futile meanderings of the mind, this could be a very enjoyable day. 

Sunday: Venus opposes volcanic Pluto today, bringing to the surface issues in relationships that have been pushed under the rug in consciousness. On a favorable note, the Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune and in harmony to Pluto and Venus, facilitating the opportunity for deep transformation by purging and letting go of that which is not aligned with your core values and surrendering to your true soul’s passion.

May the stars be with you!


May the stars be with you!


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