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The Week at a glance

Astrological Influences for the week ahead, June 10th—16th

The week at a glance: This week holds great promise and potential peril. The reality distortion coming from Jupiter’s ongoing Square to Neptune comes to a peak this week with the Sun forming a T:square with both—be discerning. Mercury and Mars are moving into opposition to Saturn and Pluto which can be crushing if you pit yourself against overwhelming power—choose your battles wisely. Message for the week: Dream big, but focus on the small.

Monday: The Moon starts the day in task oriented Virgo and being in harmony with Pluto, supports jumping into the work week. The Sun starts the day with the quizzical quincunx to Saturn and you may find yourself questioning your responsibilities. The Sun then moves on to an opposition with bountiful Jupiter later tonight and opportunity abounds, with the caution being that of excessiveness. The Moon moves into relationship oriented Libra this evening and in harmony to Venus creating an enjoyable evening.

Tuesday: This could be a bit of an edgy day with the Moon in Libra fueling a desire for harmonious interactions with others getting disrupted by heated emotions coming from Mercury and Mars in Cancer. This would be good day to stay mindful of the tone of your voice and its impact on communicating with others.


Wednesday: The day starts off with celestial mixed blessings. The Moon stays in fair-minded Libra most of the day, but is confronted with the awareness of issues that aren’t fair just, and honorable, coming from the squares to Saturn and Pluto. The positive opportunities come from the Moon also being in harmony to Jupiter and the Sun  All in all, this is a better day for moving towards goals and positive aspirations, rather than focusing on what frustrates you and makes you mad. There is support for what you are “for,” and resistance to what you are “against.”

Thursday: The Moon moved into Scorpio late last night and is opposite Uranus this morning, stirring a deep emotional hunger to explore the unknown. The Sun also moves into the questioning quincunx to Pluto and old hurts and resentments can surface. If it is just playing the same tape over and over again, snap out of it!

Friday: Mars, the planet of taking action, is in harmony to inspirational Neptune, but opposite limiting Saturn today—a good day to be more strategic than bold, know your limits, and play within your game. The Moon in Scorpio completes a grand trine in Water, offering the potential for deep inner fulfillment, as well as for making good conservative business choices with the harmonious aspects to Saturn and Pluto.

Saturday: The Moon moves into adventuristic Sagittarius and aspecting Uranus leading to a good day to explore something unique and invite novelty into your life to satisfy restlessness. The Moon will be opposite Venus this evening and being pulled in two different directions seems likely—choose the opportunity that will have lasting value.   

Sunday: A busy day in the heavens for Father’s Day. The Moon in Sagittarius joins Jupiter in the afternoon, creating a positive, fun, and somewhat indulgent mood.  The Jupiter square Neptune is exact today and reality distortion is at its max, and stretched towards the positive. A good day to do something fanciful and imaginative, but not to make practical decisions based on fanciful speculations—go to an art house movie theater to treat your imagination, but don’t bring your checkbook—you might try to buy the theater.

May the stars be with you,


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