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Winter Solstice 2016: The deck just got shuffled

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Winter Solstice 2016: The Deck just got shuffled

 The winter season begins with radical change and crazy making uncertainty in the air. Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, is featured in the Solstice chart—leading to breakups, breakthroughs, and sudden reversal of direction of all sorts. The unexpected Trump victory and the launching of a radically new direction in American politics, the CIA report of Russian tampering with the election, a growing global humanitarian crisis with an unprecedented 65 million people around the world who have been forced from their homes, the climate changing at an accelerated rate each year, while Trump fills his cabinet with climate change deniers: all of this contributes to the wild uncertainty of these times which could have been scripted by Kurt Vonnegut.

In nature, the winter season is an inward turning time. Outer growth is being shed as the life force turns inward and returns back to its core, its roots, its source. How many of us could benefit by following nature’s lead by letting go of outer concerns and returning to our core essence and the roots that sustain us no matter what is going on in the world? Although nature’s call is to return to stillness and quiet reflection, the Winter Solstice chart reveals the anxiousness and uncertainty of these times that makes this very difficult.

The key features of the solstice chart are three main aspects that will each repeat three times throughout the year. The first one is quite positive.

Saturn Trines Uranus December 24th and again next May and November, basically being with us all year. The voice for innovative change—Uranus, and the vehicle for implementing and managing the changes—Saturn, will be in harmony. This should be good news for the economy through 2017. Wall street seems to like it when all three branches of the government are the same, as there won’t be as much resistance within the government to the programs Trump wants to implement.

Jupiter opposite Uranus will peak December 26th, and again next March and September. This fuels a revolutionary attitude of wanting to break free of all restrictions that limit growth. This is most dramatically seen in the political world with Trump vowing to remove environmental restrictions of all types interfering with business. This is very exciting for those who support unrestricted business, and quite alarming for those who foresee the consequences. While Jupiter in Libra typically encourages a win-win, find the common ground approach to the settling of differences, this voice is being overwhelmed by the Uranus in Aries voice of, “I just want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want do it—then I will be open to cooperation.” The voice of individual rights trumps the voice of consideration of others.

This same energy can also lead to exciting innovative breakthroughs in technology, medical research, and all types entrepreneurial endeavors.

Jupiter squares Pluto: This recently peaked at the end of November and will again next March and August. This is the third of the major winter aspects, activating a Pluto T-Square in the Solstice chart. This fuels huge ambition and a gold rush mentality that will be driving much of the energy behind these times. Many will seek to follow the money and align with the forces that appear to be profiting with the new administration’s changed economic polices.

This compelling drive can lead to blind ambition for some and the motivation to get off the sidelines and into the game for others. Blind ambition is pursuing one’s goals without consideration of the consequences or the impact on the lives of others. This can be dangerous for those who already have unbridled ambition.

If you normally lack ambition and drive, this can be helpful motivation. For those who slumbered through the election and now find themselves horrified by the results, this can be highly motivational to not be so complacent and get involved.

With Pluto in Capricorn as the focal point of the T-Square, the underlying motives of this movement towards a plutocracy, an oligarchy, where the power and resources are in the hands of the few, seems apparent.

The Hot Spot of the Season There is one particularly volatile hot spot in the winter season during the last week of February: Mars squares Pluto on the 22nd, a Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th, and then Mars will be opposite Jupiter on the 27th. Mars squares are often triggers for releasing pent up frustration and anger, and with Pluto, you can get more than you bargained for. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s bad day, as tempers will only escalate. If you are dealing with your own frustration and anger, it would probably be wise to go to the gym and “grunt” before you try to get to “OM.”

Its not advised to make decisions, or initiate new activity during the skewed energy from the Solar Eclipse on the 26th, yet with Mars opposite Jupiter peaking on the 27th, it will be hard not to want to take action. The danger here is over-reach, with Jupiter’s encouragement that more is always better.

The Wild Card, Donald Trump Much of the uncertainty of these times stem from the x-factor, Donald Trump. Unconventional in all ways, there is no way to predict how his radical departure from conventional politics will play out as president and Commander-in-chief. With Sun conjunct Uranus in his astrology chart, he will rebel against whatever is holding him back or restraining him in any way. With this Uranus influence, he is more of a wild card than a maverick. A maverick can be predictable in their ways and views, while a wild card in the deck is totally unpredictable and can be of any suit or value, trumping all others, depending on the discretion of the user.

With Mars exactly on his Ascendant in Leo, he is going to be a bit of peacock, a winner, and instinctively knows how to grab the attention of the audience. His way of commanding attention has dominated the press, his audience, and he knows how to play the crowd. Trump brings the Leo attitude of royalty to the white house and seems to be going to take the king’s prerogative wherever he chooses.

He has been extremely successful in his business life; knowing how to play the game as a wild card, he has played it well for his personal advantage. Bringing this attitude of royal privilege into the white house is certain to bring the wild card into the game of global politics where old alliances will be swept away and new one’s formed.

The Belief Wars of Saturn in Sagittarius through December 2017 We have been dealing with Saturn in Sagittarius for the past two years and will be until December 2017. Saturn always reveals a culture’s weak spots in the sign that it currently is transiting. In Sagittarius, the test is with our beliefs and philosophy for navigating our way in life. This seems like such benign territory for the testing nature of Saturn—after all, it is not issues with health, money, relationships, or other seemingly more critical issues to deal with in life. However, we are seeing the devastating consequences of people following unexamined beliefs colored by their bias and prejudices.

Saturn isn’t a bad planet, but it does demand taking personal responsibility in matters related to the sign it is transiting, or troubles will set it. Sagittarius is where you must be willing to explore beyond the boundaries of your existing beliefs, or dogmatism, or self-righteousness, as well as biased and prejudiced views based on beliefs masquerading as truth.

Beliefs are not truth and people can change their beliefs in the light of personal experience and changing circumstances in life. A person may believe that the world is flat and live according to these beliefs, never venturing beyond safe harbor. Later, this person can become convinced that the world is round and change their beliefs and how they live life based on their new beliefs. Truth is not a requirement for beliefs, but truth ultimately prevails over beliefs.

I will repeat a few lines from a Walt Whitman poem that I posted in a previous newsletter as guidance for taking the high road of Saturn in Sagittarius in one’s personal life. This is from his poem, This is What You Shall Do.

“…re-examine all you have been told at school, or church, or in any book. Dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem…

Dismissing all beliefs that insult your soul would certainly be taking personal responsibility for one’s Sagittarian beliefs. If you have looked into your heart and soul for truth and found any trace of hatred, keep looking, it is not the heart, nor soul that harbors hatred.

Mars conjunct Neptune to close the year Mars, the planet of action, and Neptune, the planet that seeks transcendence of worldly activities, come together for the last week of the year in the sign of Pisces, peaking on New Year’s Eve. Sounds like a recipe for staying blitzed for the end of the year, and we can be sure there will be plenty of escapism going on. For those of a spiritual nature, this is a wonderful opportunity for loving kindness and compassion meditations. Compassion has the power to heal. It is a power, an energy, and when you act with compassion, you draw on this current and it moves through you and out into the world.

Things you can do to help:

"Sometimes when we see a big problem, we feel like we can't do anything," he said. "But starting with the little things, helping fix the little things, we can transform many lives." Quote from Jeison Aristizabal, CNN’s hero of the year for his overcoming the restrictions of cerebral palsy to help the lives of thousands of young people plagued with disabilities.

Loving Kindness Practice

If the harshness of these times has left your heart numb, raw, or sad, you could practice a loving kindness meditation to soften your heart and invite joy into your life even during difficult times. This is the beauty of meditation practices in that they are not dependent on outer circumstances to experience peace within. The following loving kindness mantra is from Jack Kornfield, who has many helpful guided meditations on his website,

First sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep, relaxing breaths to center yourself. Your focus is to awaken your heart, so imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart, and then repeat the following phrases with the intention of opening to the feelings of the words in your heart.

May I be filled with loving kindness.

May I be safe from inner and outer dangers.

May I be well in body and mind.

May I be at ease and happy.

Repeat this mantra several times and as your heart begins to open, extend your wish for loving kindness to be experienced by all others.

May all beings be filled with loving kindness.

May all beings be safe from inner and outer dangers.

May all beings be well in body and mind.

May all beings be at ease and happy.

You can practice loving kindness anytime throughout the day when situations would normally have you closing off your heart.

Support Threatened Groups and Organizations In a recent John Oliver show, he sounded the call to support the groups that are standing for the policies you believe in that are being threatened with the new administration. He provided the following links on his show to support any of the following groups that are near and dear to you.

Planned Parenthood:

Center for Reproductive Rights:

Natural Resource Defense Council:

Refugee Relief:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

Support for the LGBT community:

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund:

Returning to Your Core Truths

The Winter Solstice and the holidays are the time that our sacred traditions remind us to stop and reflect on the deeper meaning of life and that which we hold sacred. Amidst all of the chaos of this holiday season, may you take the time to stop and reflect on what is most sacred in your life, and to return to your roots of that which sustains you.

Wishing you health, peace and well being for your new year!

Happy Solstice, David

The New Year is an excellent time to have a personal astrology reading for where important changes are impacting your chart through the year. Contact us to arrange your personal astrology forecast. If you would like to order the hour long recording where I will go through the season in greater detail, including dates of important transitions and retrograde periods, you can order this recording through the following link, or by email, or calling 360-918-8411

Autumn Equinox 2016

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 Autumn Equinox 2016: Looking Beyond the Election

The centerpiece of this fall season is the much-anticipated presidential election, and by season’s end, that which has dominated the media ad nauseam for months upon months will be behind us. Ahhh! With the Autumn Equinox, we will just be emerging from a most challenging summer astrologically, with clarity nowhere to be found and the world seemingly gone whacko.

The astrological skies will be clearing this fall, as the dense clouds of the Saturn square Neptune aspect, which have shrouded clarity with fear and illusions for the past year, finally abates by the end of September. This, along with Jupiter moving into Libra as of September 9th, fuels the public’s interest in moving away from the harsh acrimonious temper of the last year toward a more harmonious and diplomatic manner in dealing with differences. Libra seeks to find the common ground, that which is everyone’s best interest—a welcomed breath of fresh air.

This election is shaping up to be closely contested right up to the end, and as the polls close on the night of the election, the Moon and Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces, suggesting a possible fogging of the outcome. We could well wake up the next morning with the clear winner still uncertain. It seems appropriate that this strangest of elections ever should culminate on such a mysterious night. Will the mystery be a write in campaign for Bernie, or will it be fraud suspected in the counting of the votes? Conspiracy theories and suspicions of voter fraud will likely abound with this imaginative combination. However, one way or another, the eventual winner will be announced.

As we prepare to cast our vote, it could be helpful in our decision making process to consider the astrological climate for the upcoming four years that the winner will be dealing with. What will be the major astrological issues our next president will be facing in his or her term of office? And there are major astrological shifts in the coming years that we will want to consider as to which candidate is best suited for these upcoming issues.

2017, the first year of office for our new president, should be relatively smooth. With Saturn in a harmonious trine with Uranus three times throughout the year, government and business should both be moving forward on implementing innovative changes. Jupiter also being in Libra should bring us out of the stalemate government has been mired in, into a greater cooperative spirit for finding the common ground in order to move forward. This bodes well for the economy through 2017.

In December of 2017, Saturn moves into Capricorn, it strongest sign, and joins with Pluto for a few years, which also in Capricorn—ultimately forming a most powerful conjunction in early 2020.

The big news of 2018 is that Uranus will be moving into Taurus for seven years. As Uranus moves out of Aries, the sign of independent action, and even warrior like activity, perhaps the plaque of terrorism and gun violence will subside. As the planet that brings unexpected changes moves into Taurus, the economy becomes an area of uncertainty in one way or another. The elephant in the living room the candidates are currently ignoring to a large degree may very well be the accelerated impact of climate change, which could become more of a pressing issue than terrorism during the Uranus transit in Taurus.

In its 84-year cycle, Uranus was last in Taurus from 1935-1942, when both the economy and the climate were dominant unsettling issues. This wasn’t the depression, it was when America was first beginning the climb out of the depression with Roosevelt’s New Deal economy putting millions of Americans back to work building roads, bridges, parks and much of the infrastructure still in use today. The liberating influence of Uranus led to many people to break free of materialistic values, as well as the United States moving off the gold standard for the first time, as the economy had to be reinvented.

As far as climate change and unpredictable weather, the peak years of the devastating dust bowl were 1934, 36, and 39-40, echoing Uranus’s transit through Taurus, the sign most closely related to nature. The dust bowl blew away the topsoil of huge regions of the food producing Plains States, causing one of the biggest migrations of the population ever due to changes in the weather. We can’t predict the nature of the unexpected, but it might be wise to consider which candidate has the better skills for acting on emergencies such as increased flooding in coastal towns, extended draughts in sensitive food growing regions of the country, or dwindling water supplies, as some of the possible disruptions to carrying out business as planned.

These are not predictions, you can’t predict the unpredictable workings of Uranus, but keeping a radar glance in that direction could be prudent considering history. In December of 2019 Jupiter moves into Capricorn, and by early 2020, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be exactly conjunct in Capricorn, indicating a powerful consolidation of government and leadership. Just Saturn conjunct Pluto periods of history alone have proven to be world shaping as the previous conjunctions of 1947 and 1914 can attest. Shifts in global power alliances will likely be seen and tested, as was certainly the case in 1914 with World War One and the ensuing redrawing of the political map of Europe. With the 1947 Pluto/Saturn conjunction two important changes in the global map took place, which are still hot spots in the world today. 1947 witnessed the formation of Pakistan, autonomous from India, and early in 1948, the recognition of Israel as an autonomous political entity, were the major ramifications from that Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

Which candidate do you see as better suited for the type of global leadership this conjunction entails, should events of this magnitude present themselves as they have previously? This newsletter is being written while Mercury is still retrograde, and before the upcoming presidential debates, which will have a strong, but yet to be determined impact on voter’s leanings. So even after considering the astrology transits for the candidates, it would not be wise for me to tip my hat as to who I think the next Madam President will be, but I pray that who ever wins the election will have the wisdom, strength and clarity to lead our country through the uncertainties that lie before us.

In the expanded hour-long recording covering the season, I will cover the specific three months of the fall season in detail, but for this newsletter, I wanted to look beyond the election to see what types of issues our next president might be facing while in office. It is my hope that these considerations will aid in the making of our final decision come election day. Outside of the election, this clearing of the clouds should lead to a much more enjoyable season, particularly for personal relationships. As the chaos subsides, may your personal life also be graced with moments of great beauty and joy this fall season.

On another note, this season is special for me with the release of my newest book, Chakras Beyond Beginners: Awakening to the Power Within. This book is a sequel to my earlier book on the chakras and I believe its release is quite timely. It teaches the path of finding balance, strength, clarity and wisdom within, regardless of what is going on in the world. You can ask for it your local bookstore, available October 9th. ☺

Be well,


Winter Solstice 2015: a Time for Courage

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Winter Solstice 2015: A Time for Courage

At the time of this writing our hearts reach out to the victims and citizens of Paris and San Bernardino where the recent terrorist attacks on innocent citizens have shocked the world. The good news as we head into 2016 is that the stormy, volatile astrology of the end of 2015 will subside by mid January and much calmer winds will prevail. The bad news is that we are not out of it yet, with political hysteria in the air on the verge of a modern version of McCarthyism.

 Last season’s newsletter was called Tacking against the Wind with cautions of all of the funky astrological weather prevailing until year’s end. The squalls became a dangerous storm as Mars moved into Libra on November 12th (The Paris attack was November 13th). Mars in Libra, the sign we associate with cooperation and finding common ground, is also the sign of open enemies when cooperation fails. Mars has been squaring Pluto and Opposite Uranus, peaking in its intensity the first few weeks of December (San Bernardino attack December 2nd) then diminishing until gone January 3rd as Mars moves out of Libra into Scorpio.

Although the eye of the storm appears to be passing by the time of the Solstice, the reaction to the violence of the storm will not pass so quickly. One response has been that Americans are exercising their right to bear arms with gun sales increasing dramatically. This direction is particularly concerning considering statistics released by CNN recently revealing that for every American killed by terrorism in the U.S and around the world during the last decade, 1,000 have died from firearms inside the U.S. Arming our teachers, our students, and ourselves is a victory for the terrorists in forcing us to forsake the quality of life we believe in to live armed and hunkered down in fear.

Our souls are bolstered by the courageous manner Parisians rose up and refused to cower in fear after the attack, returning to the café’s that are so dear to their hearts as a show of commitment to the quality of life they value. A quote I saw from a person’s response to an interviewer’s question as to why he was going out in public so shortly after the attack: “This was an attack on our way of life,” said Mr. Lezeau, shouting to be heard above the noise of clinking glasses and rock music. “With this simple act, we’re showing that we are never going to let the terrorists get at the heart of France.”

Courage and Vulnerability Courage is only necessary when one is vulnerable. They go hand in hand; if we weren’t vulnerable we wouldn’t need courage. It takes courage to live from one’s heart when fears are so dominant in the world. The word courage comes from the Latin Cor, of the heart. We often think of courage as heroic acts of bravery in the face of risk we see dramatically in the news. Everyday heroic acts of courage that might be less newsworthy, but just as dramatic in their impact are evidenced in the addict who overcomes the destructive habit to live a healthy life; in the person who grew up in a violent household, yet overcomes the impulse to strike his own children. It takes bravery and courage for parents to offer solace for their children, when inwardly, they may be quite worried themselves.

Saturn Square Neptune and Fear Mongers Saturn is still in a tight square with Neptune in the Solstice chart, revealing how vulnerable the public is to fear. Terrorists are the extreme example of those who use fear to control people, while less than scrupulous leaders have long used fear to assert control. Manipulating people with fear can win their obedience, but never their hearts. Hearts are won by the leaders who speak for the common vision of enhancing the quality of people lives.

Macrocosm/Microcosm We are concerned for the well-being of our planet when we witness the disastrous consequences of choices being made from fear and we pray for the wisdom and forbearance our world leaders will need in such volatile times. Metaphysically, we know that whatever tests are showing up collectively are most assuredly going on within our individual psyche’s as well. Where are you being a terrorist in your own psyche by by dwelling on imagined fears?

Where are the fear mongers in your life terrorizing your heart, coercing you to make choices from the fear of “what if…? Rather than living your life from your heart?

When my son’s were first driving, I would at times find myself dwelling on my concern for their safety, worrying about this, that, or the other. My wife would counsel me in such times offering the advice of “Send angels instead.” I can’t say this actually helped my sons, but following her sage advice sure helped my psyche! It simply felt a whole lot better to be sending them positive, supportive energy than wrapping them in my fears.

This Saturn Square Neptune is a good time to ask yourself if you are being responsible (Saturn) for the quality of your imagination/vision (Neptune) and its energetic impact on others. Are you wrapping those you care about in your fear, or empowering them with your faith? Or more simply, are you sending those you care about your positive or negative energy? Which would be more helpful? Which would you rather receive from others?

Three sets of Oppositions: This and That Too There are three sets of oppositions in the Solstice Chart and when this much polarity exists in the heavens, we will see it manifest in the world around us: for every point of view, someone will have an opposite view; for every opinion there is an equally strong opposite opinion. Times like these necessitate finding the common ground with others, approaching polarity from a this and that too perspective, rather than a this or that orientation.

Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries: “I’ve had it with Mr. Nice Guy”

Here we see how an outer planet, Uranus trumps an inner planet, Mars in this case. The drive of Uranus in Aries to act impulsively on self-directed motivations is trumping the Mars in Libra tendency for cooperation. A frustration and breakdown within the diplomatic political process is most violently seen in terrorist attacks, but also evidenced in the amount of support there is for the presidential candidates who have no political experience whatsoever. We’ll see if their support continues to be as strong when Mars moves out of Libra at the start of the year and this current frustration with the diplomatic process of negotiating becomes less acute.

Venus in Scorpio Opposite Moon in Taurus: “I want what I have and what you have too.” This might sound like a funny way to describe this aspect, but Taurus is personal resources and possessions and Scorpio represents other people’s resources. Oppositions always reveal a dilemma. The word dilemma from the two root words di, two and lemma, themes or propositions. The dilemma of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity is that compromise is necessary to resolve differences and these two signs are the least compromising signs of the zodiac. Both are fixed signs known for not backing down in the face of conflict. This doesn’t bode well for resolving differences, be it in congress, personal relationships or international politics.

In a love relationship this polarity naturally resolves itself as your self-identity expands to include your partner’s needs and interests. In a love relationship your security, abundance, and ability to enjoy life are enhanced by making sure your partner’s needs are being met as well. Or said conversely, the saying, “If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” If your partner’s needs aren’t being met, your needs won’t be getting met either. In a relationship this polarity is resolved by expanding your self-identity to include the needs of your partner. It is in your best interest to include what is in your partner’s best interest.

This resolution path of expanding one’s self identity to include the best interest of the other is hard to imagine in congress, international politics, or attitudes concerning religion, race, gender, lifestyle choices, where we see polarity so emphasized, but none the less, this is the path of resolution.

The Good News: D’accord! Nations Reach Landmark Climate Accord in Paris At the time of this writing 195 nations have just signed an agreement on a global strategy for dealing with causes and effects of climate change. The UN has been urging the global political community to come to some agreement on this growing problem for twenty years, with failed earlier attempts in Kyoto and Copenhagen. This is historic in getting 195 countries to agree on anything and is at least the beginning of working together as a global community for everyone’s best interest.

The third of the oppositions between Jupiter in down to Earth Virgo and Chiron and Neptune in visionary Pisces has lead to the best of both worlds with the Paris Climate Talks. Pisces and Virgo are both mutable, adaptable signs and have the least difficulty with the polarity of opposition, preferring to learn, adjust and adapt to challenging situations.

Still, it is an opposition between the two most idealistic planets and the potential for excessive idealism, fantasy, denial, or avoidance exists. Where is it that “I’m just seeing things the way I want to see them,” is actually an excuse for denial, or avoidance of the truth?

Other good news for the New Year is that we should see tensions subside shortly after its start with the winter season being free of new major stressful aspects. Also, the Solstice chart having a Grand Trine in Earth offers the promise of greater stability when one focuses on the practicality of making one’s life work in the everyday world. This should also help stabilize the economy even through all the wild gyrations we’ll likely continue to see when fear is rampant. If you can avoid getting caught up in all the hoopla of a world gone crazy, the Grand Trine can fortify your efforts at being productive building something of significance in your life.

Be a Light in Dark Times The Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere with the shortest amount of light. In the Yin/Yang Symbol, the Solstice is maximum darkness with the light being just a dot. Just as the darkness looks like it will completely put out the light, the cycle shifts with the dot of light growing each day until summer. In these dark and foreboding times, choose to focus on the growing light. We can pray for leaders to act with clarity and calm heads during this time of near hysteria, calming the fires of anger and hatred so that we may get onto building a better future for our children and their children. We are the stewards of our children’s future and may we all show up for that responsibility.

In closing I offer a familiar prayer that seems particularly appropriate for this season, “May there be peace on Earth and may it begin with me.”

Have a soulful Solstice, David

autumn Equinox 2015: Tacking Against the Wind

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Autumn Equinox 2015 Tacking against the wind

After the long hot, hot summer most of us will welcome the cooling of fall as nature stops her outer growth and begins retreating inward. Although I most typically like to use these newsletters to point out the positive opportunities for the upcoming season, I also think it is helpful to have a heads up when the astrological climate might be a bit funky and this fall season has a few aspects calling for “funky weather”. There are times that utilizing a sailors skill of making progress by tacking against the wind, rather than going at it head on, is the way, and this season is such a time.

 The Autumn Equinox is on Wednesday the 23rd, at 1:21 am P.D.T. as the Sun moves into Libra and the fall season begins. With Libra, we discover and learn about ourselves through our experiences with others, particularly those that require cooperation to create the Libra ideal of win-win. We’ll see this theme of seeking balance between self and others emphasized in dramatic fashion this fall, beginning with the Full Moon on Sunday after the Equinox.

A Dramatic “Supermoon” Lunar eclipse 9/27

The Lunar eclipse on September 27th will be during a “Supermoon” this year with the eclipse happening just as the moon is at its closest point in its orbit to earth, making it appear up to 30% larger and brighter than usual. The Moon will be in total eclipse for just over an hour, but doesn’t become completely invisible: It glows red, nicknamed a “blood moon”. This will be visible in all of North America (maximum eclipse at 7:47 P.M. P.D.T./10:47 P.M. E.D.T.).

This eclipse occurs with the Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra. As the reflective light of the Moon becomes blocked by the Earth’s shadow, the communication between Moon and Sun is temporarily interrupted. It is wise not to act on what you feel during an eclipse because of the skewed transmission. It is an excellent time to reflect on the balance of Aries and Libra, your self and others in your life. Have you been over accommodating to others to the sacrifice of your own best interest and well-being? Or have you been overly self-directed, not truly listening and responding to others, to the detriment of your relationships?

Use the eclipse to contemplate on how well you’ve been doing at keeping the razor’s edge of maintaining your independence within cooperative involvement with others. Note if you have been too independent or too compromising in your relationships. See the pattern in yourself and use the eclipse to make a commitment to let the old pattern be eclipsed.

Mercury Retrograde Opposite Uranus, t-squared by Pluto

Are your relationships win-win, or compromising? This theme of self and others is echoed with the Mercury Retrograde in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries in the Equinox chart. The rebellious nature of Uranus will be like an alarm if the demands and expectations of others push you past what is fair just and honorable. We could call this a, “Get your own damn socks!” time, if you have been drifting towards compromising and settling to keep the peace in your dealings with others.

Peace is a Libra ideal, but if it comes from sacrificing what is honorable, expect Uranus to rear its feisty head in rebellion, thus these outbursts of “I’ve had it, no more compromising!” that can make people seem a bit touchy this season.

More funky weather Saturn T-Square, A test of Motivation There is a Saturn T- square in the Equinox chart, with Saturn squaring both Mars imminently, September 25th, and Neptune, November 25th. Saturn Squares are notorious for being testing challenging times, thus the heads up. Squares can be used as motivation if one sets into motion whatever can remedy the source of the frustration. If I am frustrated with the state of my garden, and I go out and do something about it, I always feel better. And that is the key with squares—act on the frustration or sit and stew with the agitation. Squares require action.

On the international level, the growing global refugee crisis is becoming a preeminent Saturn in Sagittarius issue. International political solutions are required for this humanitarian crisis, yet politics are politics, and we pray for a solution to be expedited.

On the personal level, since Mars is the planet of how you take action, and Saturn is the planet of restraint and restriction, this first square of restricted action deserves some strategizing to avoid potential aggravation. The nature of Saturn is to restrict, restrain, mold, and shape what it comes into aspect with. Mars is the planet of how you take action, assert your will, and act on your desires. Saturn, having a larger orbit than Mars, will always win any challenge between the two. If Mars is your gas pedal and Saturn is your brake pedal, this could be a picture of acute frustration. You’ve got your foot on the gas with the engine revved up, but the brakes are on!

Use this energy to whip yourself into shape and outer frustrations dissipate.

Saturn is not a negative force seeking to block your efforts, it is ultimately your inner authority demanding self-mastery, a tall order for sure. But to work with this energy internally, ask yourself, “where in my life do I need more self-control, self-restraint, and self-discipline?” To stay sharp in life at whatever you are doing, periodic self-discipline is required to not loose your edge. Mars is all about action and Saturn is all about discipline; the high road being a time for self-discipline. For health and well being, you have to periodically discipline your desires to stay healthy. This fall is an excellent time to return to your disciplines proactively, not just because of the warnings associated with lack of self-control, but proactively because of how good it does feel to be fit and on top of your game.

We need some degree of unconditional self-love, but self-respect we have to earn. Where in your life could you benefit from greater self-discipline and self-control? It doesn’t have to be every area of your life, but utilize this time by picking some aspect of your life that could definitely improve with more self-imposed discipline.

The season starts off with Mars square Saturn, which supports taking action strategically, rather than boldly. Saturn restricts bold assertive action with the square, and to go with the energy suggests playing within your game to win the game—be patient, bide your time. Rather than forcing issues; play within what is realistically available; know your limits.

The Saturn Square to Neptune peaks in late November, but already is in play. We can see how organizing and disciplining the Mars drive can be put to good use, but it’s not the same with nebulous Neptune, which has a much larger orbit than Saturn, and besides, how does one organize the clouds?

Neptune is your imagination, your mind pictures, and your spiritual eye at the brow behind the busy traffic of the mind. At the higher level Neptune connects you to the inspiration and creativity available from the spiritual realms, while at the lower level, Neptune leads to escapism, imagined fears, and illusions of all sorts. The Saturn test with Neptune deals with how well you are able to distinguish between inspiration and illusion in the moment.

I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” Mark Twain

How well we all know that aggravation of worrying about something which isn’t even true or going to happen. Wouldn’t it be great to recognize these needless fears and worries in the moment and put them down like a bad book in a library? Such is the nature of Saturn/Neptune square. Mindfulness It takes a degree of mindfulness to be aware in the moment when your mind and imagination are wandering into unhealthy zones. Unhealthy mental and imaginative activity always has an attendant constriction and heaviness associated with it. With mindfulness, you notice this in the moment, and pull your attention away from the unhealthy activity.

You could picture Neptune as a lotus flower just behind your brow. When it is pointing upward towards the light, you experience this influx of light. When your lotus flower is pointing down into the dark, you experience this darkness and constriction. When it is pointing down, do something to get those petals turned around and facing upward to receive the life giving light. Meditate, pray, read inspirational material, focus on beauty with mindful awareness. Get your imagination out of the muck and into the light.

Jupiter in Virgo “The weather? Fuhgeddaboudit!”

We can almost hear this dismissive attitude from Jupiter in Virgo about concerns about the weather, “Does it really matter, we still have to do what has to be done, and it’s best to set about doing it.” Jupiter in Virgo’s penchant for simplicity offers a refreshing antidote for the complexity of the season. If you focus on what is essentially important in the here and now, everything else is not important, fuhgeddaboudit.

From Awakening to Realization. Many, many people the world over have gone through huge awakenings in their core spiritual identity over the last few years. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion looks at life as a field of opportunities to improve upon situations in life. While Jupiter is in down to earth Virgo, this presents an opportunity to integrate your awakening into your everyday life, where Virgo focuses. Not as much interested in periodic fantastic spiritual experiences, Virgo filters Jupiter’s expansive philosophical nature to that which can be helpful, useful, and integrated into everyday life.

Virgo rules the intestines in the body, whose role is to take all that comes in, analyze it, discriminate between that which has value and that which doesn’t, and then integrate the nutrients into the body. We see how Jupiter’s typically voracious appetite gets filtered through the Virgo process: If the material is not useful and cannot be integrated into life, it is passed on.

The Great Leveling

Jupiter in Virgo is a good time to let go of the search for peak experiences, and look to find value in the plains and valleys between peaks. Virgo resonates with this principle more than most signs and understands that if peak experiences are your goal, there’s a lot of time between peaks that get deemed as not rewarding. Life is mostly made up of these little moments, the day-to-day between special moments and peak experiences, and Jupiter in Virgo seeks for these to be rewarding as well.

For all the complexity of this fall season, the balance can be found in a few Jupiter in Virgo adages:

Keep It Simple

Live simply, so others may simply live

Service with a Smile

Periodically the background buzz of Armageddon surfaces and these times are no exception with an inordinate number of people asking about their astrology and the coming collapse, disaster, “Armageddon”, they have been hearing about. A crisis of this magnitude is not anything I am picking up on my radar, but I would like to close with the story I remember of Ram Dass’s response to the question of did he see a coming Armageddon.

The quote is from my memory of his reply: “After giving this some thought, I asked myself what I would do if there were to be such a crisis? I would first center myself as best I could, and then look around and see where I could be helpful. And if there weren’t to be such a crisis, what would I do? I would first center myself as best I could and look around and see where I could be helpful. Realizing it is the same either way, the question becomes a non-issue.” (fuhgeddaboudit)

Sage advice for this season: Center yourself as best you can and then look around and see where you can be helpful. And may this newsletter somehow be helpful in your navigating this Autumn Season.

Be well, David

If you would like to arrange a personal consultation to see specifically where these issues are showing up in your chart, contact us and we’ll help you make the arrangements.

Summer Solstice 2015: Dancing in the Moonlight

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David Pond’s Newsletter for: Summer Solstice 2015: Dancing in the Moonlight  

On Saturday night, June 20th, the evening before the actual Solstice on Sunday morning the 21st, the night sky will be graced with a triple conjunction of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Leo. (Venus will be the brighter of the two planets). This party in the heavens will bring a smile just to look at and sets the tone for a season of fun, play, celebrations, romance, creative expression, and sky watching. Venus and Jupiter will join together twice this summer, their dance already being quite visible in the twilight hours.

This can be seen in the Western sky at dusk and for a few hours after sunset. Venus being the brightest planet and Jupiter the second brightest, promises a dazzling evening sky. The first Venus and Jupiter exact conjunction will be July 1st, just as the Full Moon will be rising in the East. On July 18th there will be another celestial treat with the crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all being in a very tight conjunction with the bright star Regulus in the visual group as well. (Regulus will appear to be on top). You will want to make sure to get out into the evening to see and experience the inspiring light show.  

The summer signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo all support enriching the personal side of your life. A good time to drop into that place within you that knows how to be outside of the pressure from career and social responsibilities. Of course we do have jobs, careers and social responsibilities, but this is the season to focus on what nurtures you and gives you a sense of belonging (Cancer), how you creatively express yourself (Leo), and how you refine your skills and talents (Virgo).

Nostalgic Encounters turn Meaningful

This summer season is rich with opportunities for the personal aspects of life, particularly relationships. There are interesting retrograde patterns that have a strong nostalgic pull to people, memories, and experiences from the past. Some of these reconnections could turn quite meaningful like picking up threads of your life that are an important part of the richness and meaning of your life experience. Venus and Jupiter are considered the two most benefic planets, and they will be conjunct twice this season, promising abundant opportunities for the closest of relationships. Jupiter is called the lucky planet and looks at situations in terms of the possibilities to expand and improve upon what is at hand. This is a great time for initiating new growth, putting some creative zing into your relationships, and teasing out fun in life.

Jupiter trine Uranus 6/22; The two most innovative, forward thinking planets are in exact trine on June 22nd. Trust your hunches and intuitive sense of opportunity for growth this summer. Sometimes we get great innovative ideas, but they have no bearing on the here and now and can’t really be acted on. This summer, and particularly the end of June, is the time to trust your desire to improve your life and reach for a more positive future.

Saturn Retrogrades into Scorpio (June 14th—September 18th) After having spent the winter and spring seasons in Sagittarius, Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio for the summer season. This is good news for all the mutable signs, particularly Gemini and Sagittarius, who should have a summer of reprieve from Saturn’s pressure. Saturn has a way of grabbing us by the scruff of the neck and forcing us to take a look at any unfinished business from the past in its retrograde movement, and in Scorpio, any grudges or resentments that we hold from old wounds that are blocking closeness and intimacy come to light. Financial matters also become highlighted.

Saturn reveals where we need to face the obstacles that are blocking us from moving forward. If they are financial, it is time to buckle down, reign in the spending, clean up old debt, and get a better grip on your savings/debt ratio.

If the obstacles are emotional, Saturn will show you specifically what dark corners in your psyche still harbor resentment and protected grudges you don’t want to let go of, nor even face with Saturn’s harsh spotlight. You never have to look for Saturn in your life (you know where you feel pressure and experience obstacles!) You do, however, have to look at what issues Saturn reveals as challenging and take some responsibility for your role in the difficulty, in order to be able to move through the situation. The degree that you can claim some personal responsibility for your role in the issue at hand is the degree that you will be able to successfully deal with the situation and put it behind you. Try to find some nugget of insight on what you can work on within yourself, what wisdom you can take forward from this to become a better person. Then the wound heals and is behind you as part of your life’s lessons learned.

It gets more complicated as Venus goes Retrograde (July 25th—September 6th). We are more familiar with Mercury Retrograde and the confusion it tends to bring 3-4 times a year, while Venus only goes retrograde every 18 months. With Mercury the issues are of the mind that need reviewing, while with Venus it is matters of relationships, your heart, and values that come under review and re-evaluation. Where are your relationships drifting away from what you value and enjoy? All relationships require some compromising, but where has this gone too far and you are also compromising your values? This is a good time to call your Venus back home so to speak. See what she has been drifting into and evaluate what types of relationships she is involved with.

Imagine being a parent with a very attractive and magnetic teenage daughter (Venus). Every once in awhile you would want to check up on her relationships and activities to evaluate who and what she has attracted into her life. So it is with Venus retrograde; a good time to check up on your Venus to evaluate who and what you have attracted into your life.

A delightful aspect of Venus Retrograde is re-connecting with friends, family, and loved ones you may have lost track of. Think of how many meaningful people in your life, that at the time, were important connections, but circumstances led to ending the relationship for one reason or another, and you both moved on. “Time heals all wounds”, or at least many, and reconnecting with friends and meaningful people in your life after the healing of time, allows you to see others in a whole new light and there can be ease where there once was constriction.

Hot Spots: The last two weeks of July are volatile. Specifically July 15th, with Mars/Mercury opposite Pluto, and July 25th with Mars square Uranus. These trigger periods tend to release pent up anger, not just in yourself, but in others as well, so best to walk lightly around others who you sense are about to explode; you don’t want to be their trigger! In your own life, it is wise to keep a leash on your anger, as a little bit can provoke a whole lot with this “too much power for our own good” aspect.

If an argument or power conflict arises, you may feel that you can annihilate the whimp in front of you, and perhaps you could, but is it in your best interest to do so? Finding a healthy release for this volatile Mars energy if you feel you are about to blow, could be going to the gym and pushing that anger in the weights, or going for a run or brisk walk, picturing yourself blowing off steam with each breath. You could also do something arduous that you have to attack, like finally cleaning out that garage or basement. Better to vent this hot, powerful energy in a healthy way rather than let it blow with family or co-workers.

Jupiter into Virgo August 11th After having spent a year in Fiery Leo, Jupiter moves into Earthly Virgo on August 11th for the following year. Expansive Jupiter has been right at home in big energy Leo, fueling the economy with the confidence and love of speculation that we’ve seen. I would expect the economy to slow its rapid rate of growth to a more conservative, realistic pace that the oncoming Virgo temperament would suggest. Jupiter’s expansive, and often excessive ways, get reigned in with Virgo’s desire for growth that is applicable in the here and now. Health, diet and nutrition become goals the public will likely reach for with this influence. The wave of “bigger is better” gives way to simplification and even miniaturization with the Virgo influence.

After Awakening, Integration

For those interested in consciousness growth, we might expect a shift in the direction of the material coming to us from our teachers and their teachings, which have been aimed at awakening to your true self beyond the ego. The Virgo filter of looking for information that can be integrated into our everyday day lives influences the philosophical leanings of Jupiter, and we can anticipate this principle of integration to influence the direction of the consciousness movement.

Awakening happens first at the spiritual level, then becomes integrated into the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our life. One can be quite awake and aware spiritually, but yet not have it together at all at mentally, emotionally, or physically. Aldous Huxley, the literary giant and pioneer in consciousness, was known for having the same easy manner with himself whether speaking in front of 2,000 people or being with friends in his living room. When asked about this, his great reply, “It has been easy to be at ease with my self, once I no longer took my self so seriously.” That’s integration.

From compartmentalized to a spiritually infused life.

Spirituality can tend to be an aspect, or compartment of one’s life. You can have your work world, your personal life, your relationships, and your spiritual life, all as separate compartments of your life. A great way to align with the Virgo theme of integration is to bring your growing awareness and spirituality into all aspects of your life, never feeling separate from your core truth.

Simply said, Jupiter in Virgo would support the colloquialism, “Its time to walk the talk.”

Happy Solstice,


Paramahansa Yogananda offers this advice for bringing one’s spirituality into daily life: “Be afraid of nothing. Hating none, giving love to all, feeling the love of God, seeing His presence in everyone, and having but one desire - for His constant presence in the temple of your consciousness - that is the way to live in this world.” (from In the Sanctuary of the Soul: A Guide to Effective Prayer) 

Wnter Solstice 2014: To make a shift, change gears

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Winter Solstice 2014: Shift Happens When you Change Gears

The symbolism of the Winter Solstice stands in such stark contrast to the reality of this intensely social time of the year. Solstice: stand still. All of nature is returning from outer expression to its stark, quiet core and roots. A time to stop the world and listen to the “still, quiet voice within.” Don’t you wish! Although the themes of this season suggest a bit of step it up and go, it is still the Winter Solstice, and may you find some time to stop your world and enter the quiet of your being.

As the Sun Moves into Capricorn on Dec 21st, it will join three other planets, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in this sign of the Mountain Goat, the mountain climber; the drive to up-level one’s lifestyle. This fuels a “step-ladder” approach to life. Wherever you are at on the ladder of life, this gives motivation to take another step: the waitress feels ready to become a manager, the manager is ready to start her own restaurant, while the owner is thinking about franchising her business. OK Seems not OK. Capricorn always seeks to rise to a higher standard, but with Pluto in the mix, this adds huge power and drive to the ambition. Aim it well and you will move into hyper-drive for productivity, getting things done like never before. In the spirit of Capricorn, here are a couple of plugs:

This newsletter is just the highlights of an hour-long recording of the season, which can be ordered at the end of the newsletter for $11. Also, the new-year is an excellent time to order your updated astrology reading to help with your planning. Contact us to make arrangements.

Capricorn’s reputation as the success sign of the zodiac comes from taking pride in excellence in the art, trade, or business they express themselves in. The secret of Capricorn’s success in not mysterious; If a person demonstrates this pride in excellence in whatever their life path might be; and is resourceful, responsible, organized, consistent, punctual, accountable, and brings one’s A game consistently to any chosen path, success inevitably follows.

Unwilling to compromise pride in excellence? Uranus in Aries Squares all these Capricorn Planets, and you might find yourself not willing to put up with much guff! Where Capricorn by itself can adopt the attitude of “increased productivity will get us where we want to go”, the Uranus square gets rebellious to the game plan itself and adopts the attitude of “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

The recent movie “Chef” was a great example of someone unwilling to compromise his pride in excellence and willing to start over with integrity of his craft, rather than settle for the mediocrity of the security minded status quo.

Freedom and Responsibility (Aries square Capricorn) Are they mutually exclusive? The basic truth is that you can’t get away from responsibilities; while in a body you have to feed and clothe yourself at minimum, and the higher your standard of living, the more responsibilities come. If this urge for freedom is pitted against responsibilities, it’s a poor bet. And yet they can be linked together rather than seen as contrary drives. “Freedom is the ability to fulfill your responsibilities joyfully” (or at least willingly) is the great teaching here.

When our sons were teenagers this freedom and responsibility issue invariably arose. The stage when they wanted to be free of weekend chores to pursue other interests became a perfect opportunity to teach this lesson. We made them a proposition, if by the end of the weekend, all of their chores were done, then it would OK with us as to when they got them done throughout the weekend. But if given that much freedom and by the end of the weekend they hadn’t completed their chores, then it would be back to get your chores done first, then go out to do what you want, until you can manage the responsibility of freedom.

The entrepreneur is free by being more responsible, not less.

The Last Days of Saturn in Scorpio, yeah! Just two days after the Solstice, on December 23rd, Saturn moves into Sagittarius after having spent the last few years in Scorpio. Saturn is where we feel pressure in our lives, like we are getting tested. I think of Saturn as the drill sergeant marching through your psyche and grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and using a harsh spotlight, forces to you see specifically what you need to work on to align with Saturn’s demand for self-mastery.

The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius is the most pivotal of all the sign changes, in that how you have processed your Scorpio material will set your orientation for the next several years of your life. It is as if when we leave the Scorpio transit we are given the final exam of the last two years; will you go forward with an open heart or a closed heart? How you pass that final exam of open heart/closed heart sets your compass for how you will be navigating the Sagittarian period in front of you. Have you done the deep work of confronting the shadow side of your character that Scorpio harbors as buried wounds and resentments? Or have you been accumulating the bitter resentments of the past?

Saturn in Sagittarius for 2 years As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, those with strong Scorpio and Taurus in their charts will feel sudden relief from the pressures of last few years, and those with strong Sagittarius and Gemini influences will now feel the need to toe the line. For everyone, the field of Saturn’s testing nature shifts to one’s beliefs, philosophical and political outlook, views on higher education, and all things foreign and ethnic. Considerably lighter material on the psyche than lessons around sex, death, money, grudges and the like of the last two years, but having its own share of difficulties. When we consider the number of people willing to kill and die for religious, political, philosophical beliefs, we realize it is not all that light hearted at all.

Holiday Gatherings Alert! The traditional adage of steering clear of politics and religion at family gatherings would be good to enforce this holiday season! I love the time in between elections when we don’t know each other’s voting preferences! It makes interactions with others so much easier when these differences are not put in front of your face. Picture the next two years of Saturn in Sagittarius as two years of election season hype and rhetoric with manifestations of the strangest notion imaginable, “My God can kick your God’s Ass!”; the ultimate in fundamentalism.

Global Politics. It would seem likely that we will see a rise in fundamentalism in the world over the next few years. Saturn reveals the shadow side of the sign it transits and the dark side of Sagittarius is dogmatic, self-righteous views that we have assimilated; blinding us to the truth of others. It is easy to see the difficulties with fundamentalism externally in others and the world, not so easy to see it within ourselves. Where have you become crystallized in your beliefs?

You can examine this by looking at even something you think is right for you. Say you are a vegetarian deciding long ago not to eat meat. Lets imagine you are with some friends who suggest going out for burgers and ask if you want one. The automatic response of “No, I’m a vegetarian,” even though seemingly harmless, is the root of fundamentalism: Non-thinking reaction to life based on pre existing beliefs. We can see even in this subtle example, our friend has sacrificed her ability to think in the moment, responding with a conditioned belief. Our friend might consider the decision in the moment and make a choice for a salad consistently for years and that would not be fundamentalism.

Be willing to examine your views, opinions, and convictions even to their scholarly merit. I remember the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius nearly 30 years ago I was talking to a client about her astrology and asking her to tune into her guardian angels to help her through a particular transit. Its as if I could hear Saturn’s voice in my head questioning what I just had said: “Oh, so now you are an authority on guardian angels?” I felt busted by the inner professor, and felt, either I do some serious research into angels, or quit talking about something I know nothing about. I took the “stiff upper lip” approach to the inner reproach and contacting a bookstore friend, asked him to send me all he could on the topic of angels. After taking my self imposed scholarly approach, I now feel more comfortable sharing what I believe.

Another way of rooting out wherever dogmatism may be troublesome in your life is to cultivate the attitude of being unthreatened by differences. There are over 7 billion of us on this planet with who knows how many different beliefs. We would have a tough go of it if we needed everyone to believe the same! The Uranus/Pluto final 2 squares (December 14th and March 16th) We’ve been dealing with this long lasting tussle between these two since 2012, with seven exact squares with each other. The final two waves of this are now upon us this winter season. Apparently the influence isn’t petering out, but building towards a crescendo for its final act. We have seen its revolutionary nature manifesting in different arenas over the last few years; the Arab Spring was its first manifestation, then “Occupy Wall Street” erupted, and this current phase is clearly manifesting as Civil Rights issues.

The Uranus/Pluto square is an adjustment phase of the cycle that began with their conjunction in the 60’s. Civil Rights issues were at the center of the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s. The mass demonstrations against the stance the courts took over the tragedies in Missouri and New York were reminiscent of public uprisings of the 60’s. People seem to fall on one side of the fence or the other in either supporting rebellion against abuse of power, or believing the rebellion is fueled by troublemakers and hooligans that need to be brought into line.

Fuel for the Fire. Expansive Jupiter has been in fun loving Leo and gets a huge surge of “go for it” energy with the opposition to Mars right at the start of the New Year. This fuels competitive energy and sport fans will love the excitement this stirs up, although it becomes annoying when this competitive energy shows up in traffic.

Uranus trine Jupiter, (September 2014th, March 3rd, June 21st) Uranus and Jupiter, the two most forward thinking of the planetary influences, continue their harmonious relationship this year seemingly rubbing their hands together in excited glee about the yet to be discovered future. Undaunted by nay-sayers, and doubters, these two in harmony support trusting your forward thinking, intuitive sense of where this is expansive sense of possibilities is encouraging you to reach out into life’s experiences.

This season is rich with opportunities to get your life more together and operating at a higher standard consistent with your values. This is not a season for introspection and inner work as much as getting involved in the doing and implementing what you can do to improve your life wherever you are at on the mountains you are climbing.

May you experience some serenity this Equinox,

And Happy New Year!


Autumn Eequinox: Put Some Creative Fire in Your Life

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Autumn Equinox 2014: Put Some Creative Fire in Your Life

The stars in the heavens have long been used by voyagers to help find their way, and this is what I look for in these newsletters, and there is always a way. My newsletters tend to focus on the positive intentionally; there is plenty of news and information giving us cause for worry and concern, so I don’t choose to add to that drum beat. If we look closely at any astrological pattern, we can always find a favorable path to safe harbor and new adventures. From out of the chaos, a new order arises; and that’s what we look for, the silver linings amongst all the storm clouds.

Our season starts off with a Grand Trine in Fire, with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Mars are both fire planets in fire signs now, very compatible with their nature. We admire the boldness and are at times offended by the brashness of fiery people. They act as if they have Divine providence to be who they are and assert themselves the way they do, and this is a beneficial time to turn on that strand of consciousness within yourself.

Entrepreneurs, adventurers, artists and party goers are going to like this

Creative energy that supports boldness and bolsters confidence. The trick of understanding grand trines is that they are not compelling by nature, but readily accessible. The stressful aspects have a compelling way of drawing our attention, not so with the harmonious aspects, which require you to direct your attention to their opportunities, or they become like a great event you would have loved to have attended about, but you weren’t aware of it.

From Water to Fire: Before Jupiter moved into Leo in July, it was in Cancer for the previous year forming a Grand Trine in Water with Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Many found great benefit during this period for going inward and returning to source connection. The path of retreating from outward seeking, pulling back into consciousness and resting in the peace of pure conscious awareness. And for those who found it appropriate, disentangling from the false stories and conditioning of being raised in a manner contrary to the truth of your being was also supported.

But that was then, and this is now. Then was a time to go inward and do the deep work necessary to untangle the truth of your being from the stories you’ve been told about yourself and life, and cyclically, now is a time to express oneself back into life. Now with the Grand trine in Fire, we have greater access for this expressing oneself into life with confidence.

This doesn’t mean everybody will become extroverts, but relative to your own natural way of being, this presents an opportunity to take the risks of moving out of the known and familiar toward a life style that has more excitement in it. No one wants a life of drudgery, void of that animating spark of spirit that is fire.

This is not so much getting the darkness out of rooms in your consciousness as it is moving into the rooms that already have light, and if there are rooms that have no light, put in a light, rather than attempt to get rid of the darkness. Instead of resolving fears, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm them with the positive feelings of what you appreciate about your life and are thankful for and look forward to.

Fire needs Fuel

When your fire burns low, you have to blow on the embers and add some fuel to stoke up the flames. Let’s explore the Fire temperament to see how you can draw some of this motivational energy into your life.

Confidence Fiery people are known for their confidence, boldness and ability to take risks. For those who don’t have this natural confidence, the fear of failure from risk taking overshadows any perceived benefits from moving out from the known and familiar. While some won’t take risks for fear of failure, those with strong fire fear living a life of complacency or mediocrity and missing opportunities that life holds. This type of fear adds motivational fuel to their drive.

Turn on the adventurer strand of consciousness The adventurer looks at life as a field of opportunities, knowing that we learn and grow in life through our experiences. Good, bad, or indifferent, life is about experiences, and we grow through our experiences so why not say yes to life.

Play and Humor Fiery people are known for their playfulness and sense of humor and this is directly related to their confidence. They are born from the same mindset. The healthy benefits of laughter are well documented; reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, enhances the cardiovascular system and sense of well-being. And as public speakers and performers know; laughter is the shortest distance between people, quickly melting tension and facilitating an energetic rapport with others.

Fun, play, entertainment, romance, children, creative expression, and risk-taking are all qualities born out of the same mind-set. In astrology, these are all activities of the 5th house, Leo’s natural home. Each of these tickle each other, and to jump start one of these areas in your life, touch a match to any one of these activities to help ignite another.

In fun and play, mistakes are more than tolerated; they are welcomed, often igniting laughter. In play, there is no right way or wrong way, so how can there be mistakes. Engaging children in their play invites even silliness. Laughter tickles creativity and moves us out of the closed-mind focus of the productive mind set.

Romance is not necessarily just a bedroom concept. Even those who think of themselves as not the romantic type, certainly are at the start of a relationship when they are trying to win the other’s favor and interest. You bring out your best, try to tease out a smile in the other, plan an interesting evening or getaway; this is the romantic spirit. It is playful, creative and pushes the risk envelope. If the fire of romance has burned low in your relationship, don’t just wish for it. Take a risk, bring your “A” game to the relationship, tease out a smile in your partner, plan an interesting evening or getaway; see what happens when you put a little creative zip in your relationship.

The Productive Mindset

Whether it be in the arts, one’s lifestyle, or career ambitions creativity requires a different mindset than productivity. Knowledge is helpful for being productive. The productive mind set of our everyday life is filtering all the vast incoming information with that which serves what you are trying to get done and accomplished. The productive mind is necessary to navigate throughout the day to carry out the responsibilities of making our lives work. New information and risk-taking are ruled out from interfering with the task at hand. Playfulness is ruled out as opening a door to sloppiness and at all costs, mistakes are to be ruled out. Everything is looked at in terms of efficiency of getting the task done.

The Creative Mindset

Creativity requires a different mindset than productivity. The creative mindset is looking to see things outside of what is already known and thus adopts an entirely different attitude, a playful attitude willing to make mistakes, like a miss-take in the movies, try it again a little differently. Creativity is often fueled by “happy mistakes”, that weren’t planned and yet the “mistake” sometimes turns out better than what was planned.

Engage “the Scout” mentality. The scout in the wagon train movies was not seeking how to solve or fix current difficulties of the wagon train’s progress. The scout would break free of the pack to see what other possibilities and opportunities might be available. This is a whole different mindset than the productive mind. The scout knows there will be many dead ends, blocked paths, but follows instincts to ultimately sift through these “mistakes” to find the way around, rather than through, the current blocks.

Synthesis Thinking; Conflicts naturally arise in our life from conflict in interests; point-counterpoint; one-person’s point of view in conflict with another’s and so forth. With synthesis thinking, we see beyond, right wrong, win-lose mentality and seek a larger perspective that encompasses polarities, often involving growth, change or expansion. Synthesis thinking is not focused on resolving a conflict as much as looking to go beyond it, to find a larger perspective than either polarity.

What you pay attention to grows: This is the one aspect that you have more control of than in any other area of your life; after all, you are the only custodian and final authority of what you pay attention to. This is not something that could happen, it is happening now and how our individual lives are all unique, even though we all have access to the same collective energy. So what have you been growing with your attention is the garden of your consciousness? There can be favorable opportunities available, but if you stay stuck to the news channel, you’ll miss it.

Reticular Attention System (RAS)

The RAS is located at the base of the brain deep in the brain stem. Its function is to filter the overwhelming amount of data coming into the brain in any moment to that which is important. This filter is necessary to prioritize the billions of bits of data coming in through all the senses to that which is most relevant. And how does it determine what is important? By what you focus on.

Affirmations Understanding how the RAS prioritizes information via the pattern of what you focus on, gives credence to the practice of affirmations, but only if it changes your focus throughout the day. Saying a positive affirmation in the morning for a few minutes of some change you would like to see in your life, and then continuing to dwell on contrary thoughts throughout the day just won’t cut it. Change happens when the story you tell yourself throughout the day changes. Why not make it an interesting story?

We are the stories we tell ourselves

What stories do you tell yourself about who you are, what is possible for you and what isn’t? When did you decide “I’m always this type of person, I always act this way, it is just the way I am.” Now, with this Grand Trine in Fire, would be a good time to review these standards that we set for ourselves and see if we might want to raise the bar a bit.

Avoid future chasing, but feel the pull of enticing Goals. We know future chasing, “Life will be better when…” is one of the sure ways to put fulfillment on hold. However if you can enjoy moving towards your goals in the here and now, you get the best of both worlds. Pushing yourself towards your goals has merit, but becomes exhausting. However, if your goals are enticing enough, rewarding enough, you are greatly assisted by the magnetic pull towards the rewarding and meaningful life you envision. Moving towards an attractive image is simply more compelling than pushing yourself towards something you should do.

I ran across a little booklet recently one with the corniest title I could imagine, The Man who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, by Glen Clark.

( The book is about a remarkable gentleman, Walter Russell, who achieved great renown as a sculptor (The Four Freedoms monument) painter, architect, inventor, and athlete. When asked the secret to his astounding range of successful endeavors, his reply captures the greatest secret of being plugged into the spirit of creative fire:

“I have absolute faith that anything can come to one who trusts to the unlimited help of the Universal Intelligence that is within so long as one works with the law and always more to others than they expect, and does it cheerfully and courteously.”

The world changes not so much over-night as in a one by one fashion, as each of us change the way we live in the world. You are the only one that lives in your psyche; what is going on out there is most often out our control, but what is going on inside yourself, how you respond to whatever is happening outside, this is where you are the only custodian and inn keeper. Light the fire in the hearth of your inn.

Be well,

David Pond, autumn 2014

Summer Solstice 2014: Can we have a little fun around here?

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David Pond’s Summer Solstice Newsletter 

The Zen saying, “After Ecstasy, the Laundry”, describes the tone of our summer season astrologically. Writing this newsletter just after last month’s uber dramatic Grand Cross, is a bit like a sports writer giving the sports news the week after the Super Bowl. There are times for realization and times for integration. We should have been acutely aware of where change, growth and the shedding of old patterns was called for last month; now is the time for follow through. “Use it or lose it” is the adage that comes to mind.

Go ahead and take it Personally The summer season, with the signs Cancer, Leo and Virgo, is the season of personal development and expression. With Cancer develop that which personally nurtures you; with Leo find ways to creatively express yourself and have fun; and with Virgo refine your skills and know what it takes to maintain the quality of health you wish to experience. This is a season about you and your enrichment, expression, and refinement.

The consciousness airwaves are filled with the theme of oneness, unity, awareness and consciousness beyond the ego, but you do have a separate unique body and ego, with its needs and separate individual identity, and the summer season is the time for personal development.

Spiritually, it is a worthy attitude to “let go and let God”, but that would be a terrible attitude for a diet! Just eat whatever comes or presents itself would not lead to health and well-being. Let go and let God for all things spiritual, but you need to know your individual requirements for a healthy and vital life.

A vegetable garden is a good example. In general the garden needs sun, good soil and water to flourish. But each plant requires slightly different conditions of soil, sunlight, water, and nutrients. This is your individual job. You need to know what conditions make your thrive.

The vortex of the grand square begins to dissipate in July, as Jupiter moves into Leo, (could we have a little fun around here?) July 16th, and Mars moves into Scorpio, July 26th. However, the Summer Solstice chart still is plenty volatile with Mars activating a T square with Uranus and Pluto. June has two Mars blasts, square Pluto on the 14th, and opposite Uranus on the 25th. After June, there are no more stressful aspects from the social and outer planets for the remainder of the season; another clue that we won’t be getting dramatic shifts in the field around us, giving the opportunity to chill a bit, or integrate that which you have already become aware of.

Dealing with Any stupid People and Stupid Rules? Although the Grand Square is dissipating, with the T square in the Summer Solstice chart, volatility is still in the air. (Witness the news on any day) Issues of fairness, justice and honor flair up in our individual lives. Even if you are trying to live in the light and the right, you are interacting with a lot of people in the world who aren’t. Its not unlikely that you’ve been tested in how you react to your encounters with “stupid people and stupid rules” in your life.

We tend to think of this on going Pluto/Uranus square in a broad, sweeping civilization-changing perspective, but it intersects with our individual lives as well. Pluto in Capricorn is the oppressive controlling power of Big Business; Uranus in Aries represents the upstart, independent minded individuals who don’t want to succumb to the status quo of consensus reality. Laurie and I recently had two episodes of this battle of the Evil Empire and the Luke Skywalkers of the world. Our gateway server (they process credit card purchases on our website) suddenly, and with no change in service, announced they were going to start charging an extra $35 a month to independent websites like ours who weren’t carried by the big guys. Not thinking this was fair, we found another server, who after one month cancelled our service because of not wanting to support sites related to astrology! I’ve been in business for over 30 years and never before had my money rejected because of this type of narrow minded, conform or perish mentality.

What to do? Engage a legal discrimination battle? But that is not how I want to occupy my attention, so I chose to sidestep this narrow-mindedness to invest my attention in matters much more interesting to me. Fortunately we have found a provider who supports small business.

I tell this story of my minor skirmish with the Pluto square Uranus saga to illustrate what we are all going through in one way or another with this pervasive “conform or perish” mentality that attempts to stamp out all outside of the box choices.

One of the powerful tools of using a metaphysical approach to life is to work with the energy internally that is activated externally. When you feel your reaction to “stupidity following stupid rules”, you could internalize this and ask yourself, “where am I following stupid rules and need to challenge myself to be more innovative in my life”? Not just about how to deal with the small mindedness you see in the world, but in your own creative, spiritual and life pursuits. Ask yourself, “Where am I just following unexamined rules when my own inner knowing could lead me better?

Challenging yourself to be more innovative in your life stimulates the attitude of discovery. You can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, not because of something you are anxious about, but something you are excited about and the thrill of discovery drives you.

Jupiter moving into Leo July 26th for 1 year; Its going to be more fun! Jupiter is where we have the opportunity to expand, to look at life as a field of possibilities and in fiery fun loving Leo, you don’t want to minimize or trivialize fun, play, laughter, recreation, entertainment and creative expression. Leo rules the heart, and all of these activities are born out of the heart.

The Fine Art of smiling: To activate the heart energy of Leo, practice smiling more and notice the response in the world around you and how you energetically feel. Practice smiling for no reason and see how that feels; it kind of warms the heart and makes you giggle a bit. Not a bad way to approach the day.

Jupiter is the largest planet and, in big hearted, Leo is certainly going to support the adage, “Play big or go home.” And why not put a bit of dramatic flair into your gatherings, vacations and recreational activities?

Getting to the Heart of the Matter The heart and the mind are in a constant dialogue, with much more information going from the heart to the mind than the mind to the heart. The heart sends the message of what the brain will look for. The heart is driving the mind. Its driving the show:

Angry heart; angry mind.

Suspicious heart; suspicious mind

Peaceful heart; peaceful mind

Loving heart; loving mind.

Closed heart; closed mind.

So how do you get out of your mind when it is taking you places you wish it wouldn’t? The most direct path is anything that helps you get present. While trapped in the mind, you are everywhere and anywhere, but not here, now, present. One technique is looking at something in your immediate environment with intense fresh eyes, as if you have never seen it before. With something as simple as a plant, look at it as if you have never seen that shade of green before; notice the shape of the leaf, its veins, how it absorbs and reflects light. This can be done with anything, even a current sensation in the body.

Heart Breathing and Coherence In last month’s newsletter I wrote about research from HeartMath and the technique of heart breathing to bring your heart and mind into coherence. It is a simple technique that can pull you out of undesired mental states within a minute or two and is worth reviewing.

Shift your attention to your heart and chest area while deepening and steadying your breath into a relaxed rhythm. Now picture that you are breathing in and out of your heart. Next lace your heart breathing with a cherished memory of a delightful moment, like a loved one’s face breaking into a smile upon seeing you.

How long does it take? For many, you may recognize an immediate shift and for most, not even a minute of heart breathing can bring you back into coherence. As you get skilled with this, anything you are grateful, appreciative and thankful for will work.

When you are really stuck You have to know your mind can’t think its way out of mind traps. To reclaim your direct energetic experience, let go of the label. Be willing to at least consider that your current frustration isn’t being caused by the current reason, or label. I tell myself, “If it wasn’t this current issue I’m frustrated with, it could be 100 others, so forget the issue and work directly with just the experience of being frustrated (or angry, upset, etc.) itself.

I picture whatever negative energy I might be experiencing as a ball of hot, molten energy, shrouded in darkness and low in my gut where I feel it in my body. Next I breathe deep into the energy and on the in-breath, visualize pulling it up into the fiery orb of my heart chakra, burning away all its dark and negative aspects, leaving a clear, radiant energy that I am now free to direct as I choose.

Ascending and Descending to the Heart in the Awakening Process Awakening is the process of liberating oneself from the incessant demand of the ego and learning one’s way in the higher realms of consciousness beyond the ego’s “me and my story” perspective. The Heart chakra connects the personal ego and its needs with transpersonal higher self. The heart is the bridge, the gateway server between your personal ego and your higher self.

The faculties of your higher self include intuition, the sudden knowing of truth revealed in the moment and spiritual vision, the ability to sense the presence of a greater life force than one’s ego and to draw energy from this connection to source.

The ascending current of the heart: As we first awaken to the world beyond self, the heart stirs and we begin to feel for others. We love the love, and avoid the pain that occurs with this opening. The heart chakra sounds like all love and joy, but it is where we empathetically connect with life, feeling not just the joys, but its sorrows as well.

Ascending to the heart, love, and first stirrings of spiritual experiences are precious and we feel the need to protect and nurture this like a delicate flower in our hearts. At this stage, its is wise not to take your flower down to the freeway so that others may enjoy it, and you begin to retreat to that which is spiritual and away from that which is not. Awakening to the heart on the ascending current is still anchored in the personal and this colors all heart experiences with how you personally feel.

The Descending Current of Love As you continue on your own path of personal awakening, you begin to draw on sources of energy that aren’t subject to the vagaries of one’s personal life. Meditation and other direct connections to spirit become more or your source for identity than the ego’s stories. Engaging the Heart with the descending current of spirit is inexhaustible. This changes the nature of your involvement with others. You are able to listen to others without your personal reactions getting in the way. This is not simply passive, it allows for dynamic, born in the moment interaction. When you are giving from the descending current of spirit, you draw the energy through you, not from you, thus you don’t experience depletion.

From the ego, involvement with others is all about how their experiences are making you feel, and what are your thoughts about what they are saying and so forth. The Awakened Heart isn’t full of its own stories and needs, and this allows for interactions with others where you can truly hear and feel what they are going through from their perspective.

The heart seeks for that which connects you with the other, while the mind tends to look for that which separates and distinguishes you from all others.

Start from love, rather than reach for it. Jupiter is where we want to be generous; in Leo give from your heart. What can you give your heart to? Give your love to? Pour your creative energy into? Activate the love current in your life by putting your heart and love into what you do. This isn’t the hungry heart, it’s the full heart.

The more you abide in your Awakened Heart, the more it informs your life. It becomes the preferred resting place of your truth. You still have your wobbles, but your preference shifts and the troubling moments no longer hold the power over your consciousness they once had, thus, they become easier and easier to dismiss. They become aberrations from the norm of harmony, rather than the norm.

The world is as it is as a reflection of where we are collectively within ourselves. The Solstice is an excellent time to set your intentions for yourself and the world for the next three months. “May there be peace in the world and may it begin with me.”

May we each individually find an end to the wars within our own psyche, an end to the battles with the “should monster,” and live with greater acceptance of our authentic nature. And as we each find our way to greater peace within ourselves, may this have a ripple effect out into the world.

Happy Summer,


Spring Equinox: To Dance with Change, Don't Expect a Waltz!

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The astrology for this spring presents one of the most dynamic, intense, fast moving energy patterns we’ve encountered. The much-heralded Cardinal Grand Cross (also called Grand Square) comes into exact aspect this spring and the wheel of change will be spinning like a centrifuge. In the world around us we are seeing this manifest as extreme weather patterns and extreme political uprisings. Everything seems to be intensified as the clash between the old and new comes to a head. Such is the nature of the energy field around us this spring and in this newsletter we will focus on how to utilize this energy to initiate positive changes in our individual lives.

It is the same Sun that rises and sets for all of us. It is the same energy field we are all in and yet, how each of us responds to this intense energy is totally up to each individual. This energy pattern produces the awareness of where change is necessary in your life, and provides the energy to take action. The Cardinal signs initiate action; don’t wait for change—seek it. The grand square is like a cosmic accelerator and you can use it to accelerate shifting from old to the new in your life.

Moving from Dysfunctional to Functional As the wheel of life spins faster, it becomes more important to know your center. What is all of this dynamic change revolving around? This is the most dynamic, energetic vortex of swirling energy imaginable. For some who like this dynamic intensity, it can be a most productive, innovative forward moving time in their lives, while for others this swirling vortex feels like a tempest in a teacup that can’t be controlled.

A pinwheel gains momentum and reveals its brilliance by casting off its spent fuel. Where is it that you could gain momentum in your life by casting off the spent fuel in your life; things, people, behavior patterns, that you are holding onto that no longer feed you, or are no longer functional.

You can use the centrifugal force of this energy and the pinwheel effect to help you cast off dysfunctional aspects of your life. With Pluto in Capricorn, we know the ideal is to move towards a sustainable life, but before the ideal is reached, simply becoming functional is a big step, and casting off that which is dysfunctional is a beginning. This is an excellent time for facing that which is dysfunctional in your life and transforming it into functional.

The vehicle of your being is going to be moving fast. How’s your ride? Smooth, bumpy or careening recklessly out of control?

Its all a bunch of Duhka out there: The first noble truth of the Buddha is that in life there is Duhka. Not necessarily just suffering, but experiences of dissatisfaction due to the fleeting nature of all worldly experiences. In the days of the Buddha, transportation was by cart. Duhka was a poor fitting axle hole, causing a bumpy ride at minimum and an impossible to control cart at worst. His whole teachings are about how to fix the duhka, by creating suhka, a good fit for the axel of your being, manifesting as a sweet ride.

Have you been having a bumpy ride thinking it is the road? “If I could just find a good road, I’ll get the smooth ride I’m looking for.” Check your axle hole first is the sage advice. Is your life spinning around your true center? Or can you stay in your center as your life spins around? Check that fit first before assuming bumps are just the road.

Suhka, the smooth ride, comes from the good fit of the axle into the center of your being. Suhka, the centered fit, is in your heart. Dukha comes from the mind and trying to make it fit with some idea that isn’t working.

The mind which creates duhka can’t resolve it by fixing it. Drop into another level of being that is centered in accepting the as-isness of life, including the never ending duhka. Drop into your heart and orchestrate all of the changes going on in your life from there. Thinking you will be able to get to your peaceful heart once all of the challenges of everyday life get settled just won’t happen; better to get into the your centered heart first to deal with the never ending material of life.

In high-energy times, you want to be skillful in knowing and taking responsibility for your own energy field. Wanting other people or circumstances to change as a condition of your well-being is like constantly changing shirts to fix a bad back. The way to the center is not external. Waiting for change outside is anxious making, come back home to your self, the only access to your center.

Neptune/Mercucy/Chiron Conjunction in Pisces and

An Essential grand trine in water

This is the flute playing in the celestial orchestra that can be hard to hear with the kettle drums of the square drawing attention so readily, but an essential grand trine in water is gracing us this season with its access to harmony and well-being.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Einstein

Everyone has imagination, although imagination often gets high jacked by the fear making machine of the media and those who manipulate through fear. Fear and creative vision are made of the same imaginary stuff, one constricts and disempowers you, the other fills you with rejuvenated inspiration.

You can use the revolutionary energy of these times to hold your own revolution against fear and those who exploit us with fear.

It is your same imagination that can make up incredibly creative fear stories of “what if…?” or can turn its attention in soul enriching directions and be inspired and empowered.

Chiron represents the “sacred wounds” in life. The wound isn’t the destiny, it is what you are led to heal the wound that is the destiny. The wound connected with Neptune in Pisces is a life void of soul enriching activity; call it “soul hunger”. The hunger for soul food; what feeds your soul? Rumi poems? Music? Deep listening in Nature? Meditation? Beauty?

Jupiter and Neptune are the two most idealistic, philosophical, and spiritually inclined of the planets and being in harmony with each other this spring, hold an invitation to the peace beyond the mind. This energy is more lyrical than logical. Rumi paints the picture of this realm in this poem:

“Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make sense any more.”

Take responsibility for your access to this magical kingdom of inspiration by staying in awareness of what you are imagining and its energetic effect on you. Learn to put down an imaginary fear as easily as putting down a bad book and reaching for something more enjoyable.

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. (from Haruki Murakami’s book on running)

The shadow side of Pisces that can be faced and transformed is the ignoble martyr side of the sign leading to victimhood scenarios that no good ever comes from. Turn the page on any old victimhood stories, refuse them the investment of your time.

Most people want to avoid suffering in themselves and others, while others, even after they awaken, are drawn back into the fray of life, compelled to offer assistance for those having difficulties. Its not a role to aspire to; just seems to be some people’s nature. Both help, moving away from suffering or diving back in. The silently awake aren’t compelled to teach, or counsel or heal others as an active path, and yet their very presence does teach, counsel and heal others.

Heart Based Living & Coherence

The Institute of HeartMath has been doing considerable research on the role of the heart in health and well being- not just physical as the pump for blood throughout the system, also energetically. How coming from the heart creates coherence in your energy field and triggers limbic resonance and a sense of well being in others. They teach a simple 2-3 minute exercise for directly experiencing the energy shift into coherence that I would like to pass on:

Heart Breathing:

First let your attention shift to your heart, chest and breathing; just become aware of this region of your body. Slightly deepen and relax your breath into a comfortable rhythm.

The second step is to visualize yourself breathing in and out of your heart. On the in breath, picture yourself breathing energy and life directly into your heart and on the outbreath, picture sending your energy out from your heart. Do this heart breathing for a minute or so.

The final step is to focus on someone or something you love and feel gratitude for in your life, like a loved pet or person in your life. Continue your heart breathing and now lacing your breath with the energy of appreciation and gratitude that you are drawn to.

It doesn’t take but a few minutes to shift your energy into heart based focus. This centers the mind and creates coherence in your energy field, integrating the heart-mind system, so that they work together.

When you are in personal coherence, even your silent presence creates limbic resonance within others, you become like a tuning fork that sets the tone for an environment.

Quantum coherence:

A school of fish demonstrates quantum coherence: each fish can act independently, yet they move together as one, guided by the invisible force of the field created by quantum coherence. A flock of birds, even water molecules demonstrate this. Our 4 year old twin grandsons often demonstrate “one mind-two bodies” moving together in activities as one.

It all starts with coming into coherence within the self.

Everyone has access to their heart; If truth were to be found only in the mind, only really smart people could find their way in life. The heart doesn’t require degrees, or special skills, physical prowess, or any other qualifying factor. The heart doesn’t even to need to fully understand others to love them. This is your heart that isn’t hungry, being already full and willing to risk it all to live with the attitude; “Oh well, at least that which is born out of love will be lovely.”

Love or Fear A simple monitor to use to see if you are coming from your heart or not is to ask yourself, “Am I making my choices from fear or love?” Even considering something you do that is good for you like eating a healthy diet, is it from fear of illness or love of feeling healthy? It is the same activity, yet with very different impacts on your health and well being. Doing everything right out of fear weakens rather than strengthens your energy field, while acting from your heart empowers your vitality in all ways.

Spring is upon us and life’s renewing energy is evident everywhere. May this spring growth spurt find fertile soil in your life, and with the onset of Aries I’m reminded of a quote ascribed to Goethe: “In boldness there is genius, just begin…”

Happy Spring,


Summer Solstice 2013: Can You Handle the Bliss?

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 Summer Solstice 2013 Can You Handle the Bliss?

This newsletter is a little preview of the Summer Solstice hour-long audio recording of the expanded material, which can be ordered at the end of the newsletter should you be interested. 

Imagine being on a river raft excursion and after an exhausting series of heart thumping, white water rapids passing through narrow openings, the river suddenly empties into a calm expansive lake. Ahhh! You feel like you can catch a breath, take stock of where and how you are, and enjoy the calm interlude.

Welcome to Summer 2013, a rare Grand Trine in Water occurring at the same time that ongoing outer planet tension is temporarily subsiding. This is a unique time on our journey. The last many seasons we’ve been focusing on adapting to the fast moving current and the next set of approaching rapids. Advice has been about how to change, adapt, and shift to align with the wild energy we’ve been in. Now, this season’s advice changes dramatically to how to slow down and enter into the available peaceful, easy waters.

Jupiter moves into Cancer June 25th for a year and its uplifting influence promises to be a welcome tonic for our personal emotional side of life. Many have been on nerve’s edge from dealing with all the accelerated changes we’ve been through, so the thought of emotional comfort and some ease in life hasn’t even been on the radar. Buck up and deal with the next set of changes has been the way, but not now.

Jupiter will join with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, covering the three water signs, all in perfect harmony with each other. This greatly increases the opportunity for emotional well-being this season.

This is also an opportunity to turn within and connect with the essence of your being, that today I am calling “source”. The subtle promptings from the soul have been there all along, but masked for most of us by the anxiety creating uncertainty of chaotic times. This season, the anxiety making aspects pale into the background, allowing the sweet music of the soul’s guidance to be more clearly heard.

This movement into Cancer can awaken a need to be cared for and nurtured and the ‘heads up” on this can be revealed in this story: Imagine two individuals who meet and fall in love. Before they meet, they have both found a way to live a full life; to someway or another find some connection to source to fill that which can’t be fulfilled by another. So they are both “full cups” when they meet and the relationship takes off. Both individuals are sharing from a full cup. As they fall in love, they start focusing on each other as their source energy (who needs meditation when you have new romance?) Now instead of bringing a full cup of self to the relationship, they begin to look to their partner to be filled. Instead of adding to the relationship from their fullness, they begin to inadvertently drain energy from the relationship from being in a state of need rather than full, and the magic wanes.

This familiar story could be remedied by not breaking the personal connection to source energy even in this falling in love scenario. To apply this to the Jupiter in Cancer and the need to be nurtured, if this awakens in you, look first to source to fill your needs, rather than projecting this hunger onto others. Fill yourself first from this inner wellspring, and then share your fullness.

Turn inward and ask to be aligned with source energy, however you picture that being. Even if you are not sure and don’t know exactly what source energy means—especially if you don’t know! Actually we could say if you do have a strong mental construct of what source energy is, keep trying. This is beyond mental constructs and better to be open to its mysterious nature to listen for its guidance. Promptings from the soul shrink from the glaring lights of too much analysis, and are often more lyrical than logical in nature. (I will be giving some guided meditations on the CD as examples of how to align with source.)

Grace: Be open to receive the blessings of celestial grace being bestowed upon us this summer. Grace is unmerited and unexpected. Like rain, grace falls on everyone equally, weather you feel you deserve it or not. It is not from being good, or ethical, or not. It is just there and can be accepted or not.

Being There is different than getting there; we know how to work towards the goal of ultimately getting to a place of ease and comfort in our life. We know how to struggle to get there, overcome obstacle after obstacle to get there; but actually being in a state of ease as the norm is not something many of us are used to.

Don’t let OK be OK There is the warning with the grand trine; it is easy to become complacent; the pressure eases and what’s wrong with OK? A Grand Trine is much like a beautiful sunset; tranquil, serene, quiet. Squares and oppositions are noisy like horns honking in traffic and demand attention; you will notice them, but the quiet grand trine can slip by unnoticed and not availed of its inspired creative bounty because it doesn’t demand attention.

The grand trine is not exciting, nor fearful, nor ominous; so it doesn’t have much sell factor.

If you are not lulled into comfort and choose to dive into the mysterious waters of the grand trine you will be richly rewarded. But you must direct energy and attention to it to activate its latent creative potency. It doesn’t give off energy like the squares, oppositions and conjunctions, but it responds to energy without resistance.

Guard your privacy; This is a decidedly inward turning and listening type of aspect, rather than an outward reaching and expressive one. Having at least a little quality alone time each day to drop into this opportunity would be essential. Each of us is the custodian and only authority of our interior world. And some time alone with yourself provides access to this inner knowing.

Don’t be bullied out of trusting your subjective feelings by the patriarchal mandate: “You are not being logical.” Take the intended insult and turn it into a compliment by thanking them for noticing you are not operating from the narrow confines of the logical mind. A life animated by soul and guided by spirit is not limited by logic.

One of the major components of the paradigm shift of these times is that it is no longer the age of reason, figuring everything out by putting the plusses and minuses in columns and making the right decision. Now when someone says, “I just have to make a logical choice”, we pretty much know they are up to no good and violating their heart in someway.

The healing impact of connecting with source on a regular basis could not be overstated. By connecting to source you connect to the place within you that has never been wounded, nor tainted by life’s experiences. As this becomes more of your “informing agent” than your old stories, you become rejuvenated through this connection.

Past Boredom into Bliss. Here is an activity to engage the themes of this season. Sit somewhere peaceful until you are bored and then sit some more. (after all, how long has it been since you’ve allowed yourself to be bored?) Notice how long it takes for your mind to find something problematic to think about, even if you are in a totally peaceful situation! Observe this happening, watch it, but don’t act on it or take the bait by following the thought. Simply watch the problematic thought rise, and if you don’ follow it, it simply subsides.

Go past boredom and shake off the tendency to be distracted. Stay in the moment; it is more available this summer than usual; the background field supports entering into the empty space, the pregnant void that births creativity and originality. Take a Data Break; This is the time to feel your way through life, not think your way. Jupiter in Gemini for the past year was the opportunity to gather new information, now with Jupiter moving into Cancer, the call is to assimilate all this information into that which is personally meaningful for you.

Another attitude to explore to engage this energy is the practice of Deep Acceptance of the “as-isness” of life. Practice accepting things as they are without desiring to change them in anyway. Imagine accepting the people in your life just as they are; imagine accepting yourself just as you are without desiring to change yourself. Deep acceptance allows you to linger in the delightful moments that do show up as you are not rushing off to change something.

Nirvana is often thought of in terms of bliss but actually means, “To blow out the flame of desire.” An act of volition is implied in quieting those disruptive drives that take us out of the moment. It is not about snuffing out passions in your life, heaven forbid! When you are in a passionate experience, deep acceptance would encourage you to embrace the passion. It is the desire for that which is not present, that takes us out of the deep acceptance of the moment that can be extinguished to sustain Nirvana.

Its not that I’m expecting this season to be a constant love fest, Saturn is in Scorpio, and will reveal where you may have blocks in fully surrendering and trusting life. Saturn in Scorpio, in harmonious aspect or not, is still going to shine its spotlight into hidden corners of our psyche revealing the shadowy, less than honorable aspects of our character. Grudges, resentments, buried hostilities from previous wounds unhealed, issues of mistrust, fear of abandonment or betrayal; this is the material Saturn will reveal that needs healing and transforming to move forward.

How much armor to hold onto from previous wounds and how much to take down is the test of Saturn that each of us must answer to in our own way. Will you go forward with an open heart or more armored and jaded? Saturn will show you where you have armor, seemingly protecting you, but also blocking you and holding you back.

The deep work of forgiveness and honest self inquiry into your role in some problematic scenario you want to move beyond will be greatly facilitated by not only Saturn being part of the Grand Trine, it is also moving into an exact sextile with Pluto, and just a little more astro lingo, they are in mutual receptivity.

Translation: This is a most benign time of doing deep transformational work of shedding karmas and behaviors that pulled you into less than honorable aspects of your character previously. The increased conscious awareness available to all of us affords the opportunity to become conscious of that which you weren’t consciously aware of before. And if you can stay consciously aware even while in one of these behaviors that you haven’t been able to control previously, this breaks the hypnotic trance you were previously in.

May you and your loved ones experience the blessings this season presents and Happy summer!


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