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I believe the entire universe is in a giant conspiracy for our well being if we can only listen to its promptings. All of my services and publications are aimed at helping you find this subtle guidance.     

Jupiter into Scorpio:  A year to     plunge deep into the mysteries.

You can checkout my current newsletter which discusses this deeply transformative transit, and here are 3 different links to a recent radio interview focusing on Jupiter's movement into Scorpio:




Links to Radio Interview for Astrology for August "Eclipse across America"


Link to Interview on Chakra's Beyond Beginners:


David's newest book is now available:

Chakras Beyond Beginners catapults the serious student into a completely transformed self, awakening to a new reality. This broad-ranging powerhouse is the premier treatment of the subject and beyond!” ―Diana Stone, author of Playing the Ascension Game

“Anchored at the center of converging illumination, inspiration, and compassion, gifted teacher David Pond opens the way for a spiritually mature journey, embracing the depths and riches of the eternal path through the chakras.”―Linda Howe, author of How to Read the Akashic Records

Life is not difficult when you are aligned with your true nature. It is just living your truth. Life becomes difficult when you are trying to be what is not aligned with your natural way of being. Astrology helps you discover your unique true nature.

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short Video on "The Power of Conscious Awareness"

David Video on "Accelrate your Awakening"