David Pond  
Astrloger, ,  Author,
speaker, Workshop Leader 

I believe the entire universe is in a giant conspiracy for our well being if we can only listen to its promptings. All of my services and publications are aimed at helping you find this subtle guidance.     

Life is not difficult when you are aligned with your true nature. It is just living your truth. Life becomes difficult when you are trying to be what is not aligned with your natural way of being. Astrology helps you discover your unique true nature.

David Video on The Power Conscious Awarenss

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Don’t wait for love. To live the life you love, love the life you live.

Your heart animates your life at all levels. Put your heart into all you do and your life will coalesce around this radiant source of energy. It’s the difference between being wholehearted or half-hearted in what you are doing. To put your heart into something is to put your creative energy into bringing out the possibilities of life....

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